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I recently wrote my very first book. I’m passionate about selling online, both on eBay and Amazon. In Vendor Fulfillment Basics, I go through the details on how to locate wholesale vendors who can dropship orders for your eBay and Amazon stores. I also go over strategies for standing out from your competition, marketing strategies and other tips I’ve uncovered along the way.  I hope you’ll find it useful, reviews welcome!  Available on Amazon as a Kindle book and paperback.

Do you sell T-Shirts through Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program? Do you also have a Shopify store and want to be able to market the shirts and have your buyers still go through the Amazon checkout and fulfillment process?

This step by step tutorial will walk you through how to add t-shirts you are selling on Merch by Amazon to your Shopify store. Using aStores with Amazon’s Affiliate program, you will be able to create a page for all of your T-Shirts directly in Shopify, without having buyers leave your shop as they browse. The final purchase would be done on Amazon and Amazon would complete the process of making the shirt and shipping to your buyer. These steps also work for adding other affiliate products!

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