Speaking at Meetups, eBay Radio and More

Sometimes I’m so busy I can barely sit down to write this blog post! I’ll be speaking via Skype for the SoCal eCommerce Sellers Meetup Group tonight for my friend Patty Coleman. That’ll be great as her group is one of the largest in the country and she does an excellent job of making sure her members show up in person, which is the whole reason for Meetups. I’ll be discussing how to locate wholesale vendors that can dropship as a way to source for eBay and Amazon stores. I wrote a book on the subject, Vendor Fulfillment Basics.


I also got off the phone after making arrangements to speak on eBay radio next month. One Tuesday in May, I’ll be on speaking about the benefits of attending live events, conferences and the like. I still get super nervous being on the radio, but I’m getting better at it!

And then next week, I’ll be flying off to Denver, Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Resellers Conference. Looking forward to learning, networking and having fun with old friends and new.  I’ll be there with my business partner, rocking our Posh360 t-shirts from our Merch by Amazon account. We plan on learning all we can about private label, as we’re hoping to make our own luggage line soon.

That’s the latest news, there’s lots more going on, I’ll hopefully post more updates soon.


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