How to Write an eBay Guide

eBay Guides are a great way of creating valuable content that drives traffic to your eBay store items, not just from within eBay itself but from Google, other search engines and social media. An eBay Guide is allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a specific area. They are a way of educating buyers and promoting your listings.

To write an eBay Guide, you can go straight to this link:

eBay Guides

You can also find them under the Marketing tab in the new eBay Seller Hub, it’s on the left hand side under advertising.

eBay Guides in eBay Seller Hub

Think of writing guides based on your selling categories. You want to provide value, guidance, and not seem to “salesy”.

Examples of Guides are:

  • Top 10 Educational Toys for Girls 6-10,
  • How to Buy Men’s Clothes Online,
  • Must Have Items Before Going on a Cruise

Guides are similar to blog posts, you can add links, photos and videos.

You will be given the option of choosing a Basic template or a Best Rated template. Choose based on your subject. Basic templates are good for general guides, while Best Rated are best for “Top 10, Best of” style guides.

You’ll then be asked to write your title, add tags related to your topic (choose thoughtfully). You can add sections for more content. Keep your eBay Guide interesting, add images, lists and paragraphs. You can edit the images so that they link to specific listings, which is perfect for bringing attention to a few select products you offer.

Before saving, you’ll be asked to enter a code or Captcha security measure to ensure you’re human. At the very bottom, you’ll notice that you can link to your Google+ profile, I recommend doing so to get more views.

Once you’re done, make sure to share it across Social Media! There are convenient buttons at the top that make this very easy to do. You can post your content to your blog, share to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to name a few.

eBay Guides are permanent, they do not expire, however you can edit or delete at any time.


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