Winter Onederland: Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party

I can hardly believe our little girl is already one year old. It’s been an incredible journey with lots to tell, however I’ll focus on the party this time. It took a lot of planning, team work and effort but the result was a beautiful event we will all cherish and remember always.

I chose to have Winter Onederland as the theme, Kallista’s favorite movie is Frozen but I didn’t want to use the Disney characters. Her birthday is in January so winter does make sense though. I sought inspiration on Pinterest and fell in love with the shabby chic Winter 1derland party blogged by:

Kara’s Party Ideas┬áRustic Shabby Winter Wonderland

My mother used it as inspiration for our decor, she made the beautiful snowflake banners used on Kalli’s highchair and on the fireplace. She also did the decorations on our mantelpiece, with the help of my Aunt Karen and sister Ashley. We like them so much we’re leaving them up till spring!

High Chair Banner

Mantelpiece Decorated for a Winter Wonderland
Mantelpiece Decorated for a Winter Wonderland

For the dining room, we decorated the wall with Snow Girls, the most stylish, girliest, sparkling versions of snowmen we’ve ever seen. This was a fun group project, involving my inlaws, mom, cousin David, friend Sammi and myself.

Our girlie Snowmen (Snow Girls!)
Our girlie Snowmen (Snow Girls!)

The 2 tier snowflake cake with blue buttercream icing was made by Publix. Mom added the tiara and base, Maritza (mother-in-law) made the topper.

For food we had veggie lasagna, onion flavored rice, salad and for dessert, tembleque. It was made by my best friend’s mother, Margarita, who’s cooking is just mouthwatering. Everybody loved the food, it was truly delicious.

Puertorican Dessert Tembleque
Puertorican Dessert Tembleque

I also managed a little hot cocoa bar, which was a hit with the bigger kids. Hot chocolate on a stick was new and cool.

Outside we decorated with these amazing dangling lace ribbon and pearl chandeliers my mother handmade for my sister’s wedding, we were happy they got to be used again! They really made our back yard look so pretty, while still being out of reach from all the kids.

Lace Ribbon Chandeliers

We had more details too, such as a photo collage of Kalli running as screensaver on the TV, a banner we re-used from her gender reveal party running along the staircase and a pretty blue wreath on our front door from Jaylani’s Boutique.

Beautiful Winter Themed Door Wreath for Birthday Party
Beautiful Winter Themed Door Wreath for Birthday Party
Birthday Girl in all her finery
Birthday Girl in all her finery

Kallista’s blue tutu dress and blue play romper were also from Jaylanis Boutique. She looked so pretty!

It goes without saying that what made the party special was having so many of our friends and family there with us, everyone had such a wonderful time. It was exactly the event I’d envisioned! I will forever be grateful to all those that helped it come together, to our friends and family who shared in our celebration, there was so much joy and love, it was truly magical.


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