Ponce, Puerto Rico


As part of my recent trip to Puerto Rico for my sister’s wedding, I spent a few days in Ponce. The ceremony and reception were held at the magnificent Castillo Serralles, which overlooks the town from a high hill top. I was staying in the center of town in the Ramada Ponce Hotel; was very nice and my room had a wonderful view of the mansion.  Now, although I’m from Puerto Rico and lived on the Island the majority of my life, I have to say it wasn’t till now that I really got to see Ponce.  I’d passed by on occasion to visit my sister who studies there and a few hours here and there but nothing like this.  It really is a beautiful old town with lots of architecture and other attractions.  People from Ponce are very proud of their town and it shows in how well they take care of it.  There’s a saying they have, “Ponce es Ponce y lo demas es parking” which translates to “Ponce is Ponce and the rest is parking”.  I wouldn’t go that far, but I’ll give credit where its due and they have every right to be proud of their lovely little city.

I enjoyed my stay, people are nice, my toddler had a great time chasing pigeons in the town square and of course, there was all the wedding related activities which meant I was able to see many friends and family. I also ate very well, not always easy when you’re a vegetarian in Puerto Rico.  Ponce is definitely worth a visit!

Here are some of the photos I was able to take during my visit.  The first gallery is pictures of Castillo Serralles.



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