San Juan, Puerto Rico

I’m originally from Puerto Rico and I spent many years living near to Old San Juan. I’ve been there thousands of times but it just doesn’t get “old”!  There was always something new to see or experience. From Gallery Nights where all the art galleries stayed open late into the night for us to browse, to arts and crafts festivals, to getting drunk with my then bf now hubby, or playing at a bead bar with my girlfriends. There’s a lot of great memories to be had in San Juan and I recently got to make some more!

I went to Puerto Rico for a few days in July for my middle sister’s wedding and was able to spend a day in Old San Juan with my toddler and in-laws.  We walked around El Paseo de La Princessa (Path of the Princess) up to Old San Juan’s door, passed by the Governor’s Mansion known as La Fortaleza (The Fortress), had a delicious lunch and went to El Parque de Las Palomas (Pidgeon Park). That last stop was intended for my toddler, but he ignored the birds and decided pushing an ice cream cart was more fun.

Happily, I took my camera with me and was able to take several nice shots. Old San Juan has beautiful examples of Spanish architecture and the colors are just lovely.


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