Twitter for eBay Sellers

As an eBay seller, marketing my listings is a big part of what I do everyday. eBay on its own attracts a lot of traffic as we all know, but how do we get people to see our items among the millions of others out there? One of the tools I use most successfully for this purpose is Twitter.  By having a large amount of Twitter followers and using specific strategies, I can increase the number of views to my listings dramatically in a matter of seconds.  I made this video in response to a thread on a Facebook group, we were discussing tips for using Twitter and how to make our tweets more effective.  In the video, I cover branding, linking Pinterest to Twitter, using Froo Smart Social eBay app, and show you how it raises your rankings in Google.  I am in no way an expert, I have learned through trial and error, but this is what I’m currently doing and its working for me.


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