Choosing a Home Birth

I’ve had several people ask me how I plan on giving birth this time, hospital, birth center or home birth? With my first, I had the baby at a birth center, you can read my birth story here.  This time around, I’ve chosen another midwife and a home birth. There’s a lot that goes into this decision. First of all, I have no complaints about my experience with my previous midwife, Anne, or The Birth Place in Winter Garden, Florida. She has moved to California and Jennie Joseph is mainly working with education and promoting the midwifery cause, so that’s that. Also, I want the benefits of a home birth this time.

The midwife I have chosen for my second pregnancy, Rebecca Luckey studied with Jennie Joseph from the Birth Center I went to the first time, so I trust her background. She’s also very natural medicine minded which is crucial to me. To top it all off, she does home visits, saving me having to drive a minimum of 45min to get to any of the areas birth centers of midwife clinics. She likes to make sure the father is present and is flexible enough to leave me to my own devices pretty much.

During my first pregnancy, I was overwhelmed somewhat. There was a lot to learn and little time to do it. I didn’t feel like dealing with all of it in my own home. Partly, I wanted to be in a more controlled environment but there was also my concerns about, well, birth can be messy.  I’ll be honest, I was afraid of blood getting on my bed and floors. I’ve been at home births before, I saw my sister come into the world, and a few cousins. It might have grown exaggerated in my memory, perhaps. In any case, I wasn’t up to it with my first. Since the Birth Place provided homey rooms and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, it really was the perfect fit at the time.

With my 2nd pregnancy however, things are very different. I’m more confident as a woman, as a mother. My mother lives with me now and since she’s a Naturopath who’s had 3 home births of her own, I feel incredibly supported. Mom will make sure I eat right and keep on track, and she’ll be here for me as the perfect doula. My husband too has grown, and if he was great the first time, I’ll know he’ll be just as good if not better this time. I’m not worried about the mess anymore, because I know it won’t be me cleaning it. I know that sounds terrible, but its the truth! There are other considerations. Our bathroom is large, my tub comfortable. I want my kitchen on hand, to be able to walk around my block, or watch my TV, lie in my bed or couch. I want my toddler to be comfortable, he can play with his toys, watch his shows, eat his snacks, run around and scream his head off if he wants, its ok.  I won’t have to worry about him touching stuff he shouldn’t or about his getting in the way. He’ll be fine and his grandparents/Dad/aunts will be around to keep an eye on him. When its all over and I finally have my baby in my arms, I’ll be able to take a shower and collapse in my own bed, no having to drive home. Everything will be done in one place and that is a blessing.

I am not afraid of a home birth, I’ve already given birth naturally before and frankly, I’m afraid of hospital births instead. Terrified of hospitals really.  So there you have it, all the reasons why I am choosing a home birth. I didn’t even go into all the reasons why its better health-wise, the studies done on it, the safety of it, or any of that. Just my very own, personal reasons for wanting a home birth.  I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!


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