Exercising During Pregnancy

I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant and very aware of the fact that I have to exercise every day. Not just for my health and for the pregnancy and birth to go well. I’ve got a wedding to be in as Matron of Honor at the end of July. I’ve got to fit in my dress! Can’t afford to gain any weight at this point.

Yesterday I went swimming for 30-45 minutes, did several laps and plenty of stretches. It felt good and I’m planning on doing that several times a week while I can. Its so hot out, the pool is much more comfortable for doing exercise in.

Today, I did something I hadn’t in a while, but will start up again. ¬†Basically, once I’ve packaged all my eBay sales, I put them in the basket of my boy’s stroller and take him with me for a walk to the post office. Our post office is about a 15min walk away from home, so if I just drop the items off and turn around, I’m getting the 30min exercise my midwife wants me to do. Its a great way to multi-task, my son gets some fresh air and loves going strolling, I drop off my packages so my customers get them quickly, and get my exercise done.


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