Benefits of Networking with eBay Sellers

A few months ago I read an article about how joining an eBay Meetup can be very helpful. It took some searching, but I did find one for my area and was actually added as an administrator for the group, eBay Sellers of Central Florida. So far, I’ve only organized and attended two Meetups but I am so very glad I have. Our most recent meet up was held at Crave Restaurant by Mall at Millenia, here in Orlando. There were just 5 of us, but it was such an enriching experience. As the group grows, I hope to bring speakers and educators as well.

eBay Sellers of Central Florida Meetup at Crave
eBay Sellers of Central Florida Meetup at Crave


You’d be amazed at the wealth of information and support you’ll receive from other eBay sellers! Serious eBay sellers aren’t worried about sharing trade secrets and understand that everyone runs their business differently. People in all kinds of professions network with one another to learn and share, build relationships and bring each other up to date on the most recent developments in their fields. eBay or online sellers in general are no different.

By meeting other eBay sellers you’ll find a sense of camaraderie, people that understand what you’re talking about when you say things like Final Value Fees, or when you go into detail about shipping issues, how to write a good selling template, and so much more. Networking is an invaluable tool and will help you feel like you’re not alone in this business. I’ve made friends that I can talk to about details that would bore other people to tears, can give me suggestions for improvements, and are grateful for my help too. You never know what you might learn or contribute! Not to mention its just great fun.

So how do you meet or get in touch with other eBay sellers? You can join a local Meetup group or start your own. Facebook is a perfect place for communicating with other sellers, both local and global.  There are many Facebook groups you can join, some are very specific about their topics, like shipping, or using Pinterest for marketing. Others are more general and are forums for eBay sellers of all kinds to post questions and get advice. Yahoo also has eBay seller groups you can join and receive emails from.

I hope this encourages you to reach out if you haven’t already to your fellow eBay sellers. Do you attend meet ups? Do you have a favorite group or site for communicating with others? I’d love to hear about it!


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