Pregnancy #2

I’m just over 2 months pregnant and I went ahead and announced it to the world. Maybe I should have waited till I was at least 3 months, traditionally done in case there’s a miscarriage, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Most of my family and my closest friends knew anyway, but I hadn’t posted to Facebook. If its not on Facebook its not news, right? I had been putting up Pins on Pinterest about maternity styles, pregnancy announcement ideas, etc, for a few days. But since I run a mommy group, it looked like I was just adding stuff to our boards. I’m glad its finally out in the open, I can complain about morning sickness now!

So, little bit of background. We weren’t exactly planning on this happening now; the plan was to start trying after our first turned 3. If I’m completely honest though, I kinda didn’t want to wait that long. Anyway, Earth Day weekend, we’d gone to the Vegetarians of Central Florida event, it had been a wonderful day with friends and family, great food and fun…we ended it with a bang. I won’t go into more details, but I know that’s when I conceived because I keep track of things on an app on my iPhone.

Fast forward about 6 weeks later, I’ve noticed I’m more than a week late. Its not unheard of for me to be a few days late and freak out but its usually false alarms. This time, I had the same weird stomach aches I had only ever had during pregnancy #1.  I’d been having brain-farts at work. Uh-oh. I felt tired and complained to my mother. She went and got pregnancy tests for me, even though I weakly protested.

Everybody knows how that goes, its undignified and you can barely stand the tension for those couple of minutes. In my case, seconds. As my mother and I looked at it and the line instantly showed up, we screamed, hugging each other and yelling in the bathroom. We yelled for joy, for panic at the idea of having not one but 2 little kids in my home and all the extra work that entails. Yes, I’m ecstatic, but I’ll admit I was looking forward to weaning my first and using clothes not based on how easy they are to breastfeed in. I immediately called my husband, 15 minutes before his shift started, poor man. He was obviously in a daze, but I had to tell him first! I then called my best friend. We didn’t tell the rest of the family for another few days, just to be sure.

Oh well! It’s all good, I’m healthy, at a good age, have lots of support. My mother lives with me this time and she’s my health guru, she’ll keep me on track even more than I did myself last time. My in-laws have both retired and can help out too. It’s a good time to go through this. I always did say I wanted to have my 2 kids by the time I was 30. Mission accomplished.

Thanks for reading! This blog will function as my pregnancy diary for a while, interspersed with recipes, eBay seller stuff and whatever else I feel like writing about. 🙂



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