Geekery Inherited

Our Harry Potter baby…

Those that know me, know I’m a nerd, a geek, a bookworm.  I just happen to like looking cute too.  Anyway, point is, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, among other things.  I’ve read the books several times, the movies as well, got hubby into it and we’ve listened to all 7 books on audio maybe 4-5 times by now. So, yeah, baby has been listening to Harry since before I knew he was in there.  he’ll probably think Jim Dale is a relative when he hears the books once he’s outside of the womb.  Maybe it’ll calm him down, I sure hope so anyway.  I also went to the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter and got on everything except what used to the Dueling Dragons rollercoaster, when I found out I was pregnant, only I thought I was only a couple of weeks preggers at the time instead of more than 3 months. Shame on me, but oh my god, that new ride inside Hogwarts is the best thing ever, and I’m glad I got on it when I did because who knows when I’ll be able to go now?  Also, my Dad and little sister went to it right before my baby shower, and obviously, I couldn’t.  If they’d gone before me, I would’ve been so upset!  We’ve also read The Tales of Beadle the Bard to the baby, hubby and I take turns reading the stories.  I’ll admit to hoping he looks like the baby they used for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but with red highlights, like his daddy. You know, now that I write it all down(actually not all, there’s more but not related to the baby), it seems even crazier. Oh well!  My sister and I made him a onesie that any fan would love, after much agonizing over design options, fonts, materials and trying not to complicate ourselves….

Harry Potter Onesie
Harry Potter Onesie

So what remains to be seen is whether baby will love or loathe Harry Potter. I really hope he loves it, because at some point he’s having a scar painted on his forehead and getting dressed like Harry for Halloween. Yeah, that’s already been planned, soon as we knew its a boy.  Can geekery be inherited? We will find out!


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