Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

I had a very eco-friendly baby shower, I’m happy to say.  The invitations were sent via email using and Facebook, phone calls were also made. Over 40 people were invited, we ended up with about 26, which is a nice number of people! The decorations were totally reusable, we used baby’s clothes that we’d received during Christmas and such and decorated with plants in cute felt planters.

Eco-friendly Baby Shower Decoration
Green Baby Shower Decor
Baby Clothesline Decoration
Baby Shower Decor









Vegetarian Meal
Baby Shower Food

Since we’re vegetarian and so were a large number of our guests, Mom and I made the kind of food we enjoy.  We made rice cooked with a Moroccan spice mix and organic broccoli, and organic red kidney beans cooked in fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, basil and cumin powder as the main dish. I had made french bread in my bread machine that day, we also skewered grape tomatoes and marinated mozzarella balls as appetizers. As a side dish, my Mom made a chick pea salad with olives and spices, plus we stuffed mushrooms with soy protein I had seasoned similarly to the beans and sprinkled with mozzarella.  For dessert we had a vegan carrot cake made by my cousin’s wife served with soy-based ice cream.  Everything was delicious, the vegetarians were happy and the people who had never eaten like that were really impressed.


My mother, sister, husband, father and his wife, as well as I worked our butt’s off to get everything in order. Running back to stores to get things we’d forgotten, cooking, cleaning; it was chaos and I was utterly exhausted. But it all worked out beautifully, my best friend came down from Tallahassee and took amazing pictures, the fact that my parents were able to come over from Puerto Rico meant the world to me.  It wasn’t a very traditional shower; we didn’t play any games, guys were allowed, I only opened the presents after some people had left, etc. I wouldn’t change it for anything though.  It was unique, everyone had a great time and it was truly a celebration of the new life that’s coming along and after all, that’s what its all about.

Happy Parents to Be

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