33 weeks down

And 7 more to go! We had a very nice weekend, I’m glad to say. We picked up my kid sister from her boarding school and she helped us work in our backyard.  I’ve never been a green thumb, I’m better with cats than with plants, but we’re trying.  We got several potted herbs in the back now and I’m hoping they’ll survive because I do love cooking with them.  Speaking of cooking, here’s one of the meals I made last week:










I took fresh Monterrey mushrooms and sauteed them in olive oil with fresh parsley, sweet onion and cilantro.  Added salt and black pepper, as well as shredded mozzarella at the end.  Let it all cook, stirring frequently, until mushrooms turned tender.  Put on top of Ezekiel bread with some Greek Tzatziki and voila! A very filling and nutritious lunch in about 15min.

Besides the yard and house work, my sis and I went orange picking with a friend.  I really love it that I live in an area where civilization is less than an hour away but so are orange groves, blueberry and strawberry farms.  Its such a great way to spend a few hours, picking fruit.  We got a bushel of an assortment of oranges and tangerines, plus bought a box with some 6 baskets of strawberries.  After that, we went for frozen yogurt at my fave spot, High Five. All in all, a very calm and pleasant weekend.


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