Intro to Fab Veggie Mama

Just a Few Basics

I’ve decided to blog a little about my pregnancy, what I eat and wear, plus whatever strikes my fancy.  I’m  33 weeks pregnant with our first child, a boy. I work from home doing customer service for a bank which allows a certain amount of freedom and hopefully will permit me to take care of baby while working. I’m a 3rd generation vegetarian, have turned my husband into one and baby is one too, of course. So, that’s the basics!

I’ve been using Facebook and YouTube to chronicle my pregnancy so far, but I think I can expand on some things better on a blog.

I don’t consider myself a fashionista, but I do like looking good, I have an eye for bargains, am hooked on skin care products and makeup. I love organics and am always trying out stuff I find, so I might review a couple. I’m more of a girlie girl than I let one, to be honest! Throughout my pregnancy I’ve fought the urge, successfully I think, to dress in just whatever is comfortable and have made an effort to keep dressing nice.  I’ll be damned if I leave my house in a track suit, pregnant or not.  Sorry Sue Sylvester, I can’t rock that look!

Here are two of the looks I’ve had:

One is a white top with bead design I got from Macy’s before I got pregnant, with maternity pants I got from JCPenney.  I haven’t really bought many maternity tops, one so far, really, because I always like tops that are kinda loose and long so I could wear them with leggings.  In the other, I’m wearing one of those magic skirts you can turn into all kinds of dresses, and I was really trying to show off the new organic eye shadows I had just bought from Orglamix and am totally in love with.

Also, I know how to cook, and all modesty aside, my food rocks. So, since I believe in sharing and really want people to understand that vegetarian doesn’t have to be bland, I’ll share some of my culinary creations and tips. I cook a lot of things from scratch and on the fly, also, I hardly ever measure anything so you are forewarned.

I’ll leave it at that for now, hopefully I’ll be able to update a few times a week and keep this interesting.


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