Earthquakes and other disturbances

First off, considering the Japanese earthquake hit today, I really feel like my little goings on are rather insignificant. And yet I’m still going to write about them, even if it is a bit self-centered.

We took our kitten, Fleur, to get spayed. She cried the whole way to the clinic, it was heart breaking. She’s my baby, the cutest cat I’ve ever had. I mean, just look at her!

To make things worse, we were all hungry, the cat, my husband and I. We wanted to eat at Perkins after leaving her at the vet, but I had forgotten that the clinic is nearly an hour away, instead of 30min which is what I thought. So, the cat’s crying and I have a massive headache and felt a bit nauseous. Thankfully, I carry a bag of Bare Naked organic granola in the car and another of trail mix in my purse which helped calm my stomach a bit.

Fleur calmed down once she was out of the car, we left her at the clinic and went to a nearby Perkins. This was in Leesburg, FL, an area my husband and I aren’t too familiar with. Apparently, its just a lot of retirement communities; we felt a little odd being the only young Latino couple in a sea of old white people. No biggie however, we were treated nicely, I pigged out on an egg and cheese melt on sourdough plus a banana nut muffin I’d been craving. It was good, but oh my, did that meal ever make me sleepy!
We had a labor class immediately after, and it was really hard for me to stay awake, I was under a warm blanket while we watched the video. I managed however and hubby and I learned more about the process of labor, methods for pushing, positions to try and about cord blood banking.

We browsed the thrift shop, Haley’s House,  where our labor classes are held, they have a very nice little maternity section plus I get free “Mommy Bucks” for each class I attend, meaning I can get what I want for free. I have my eye on a baby sling and rear facing car seat. We got an amazing car seat already, but its strictly for leaving inside the car, it can’t be put on our stroller or used to have the baby sleep in it when we go out.
I have another baby-shower coming up next week, so depending what I receive at that one, is whether I’ll get the used ones or not.

New Prada Purse

After that, we stopped at a consignment shop I’ve been wanting to take a look at for a while now. Its called

Encore, and its got some great designer and brand name stuff at amazing prices. I ended up getting 3 tops, one dress all for under $10 each and the best deal was a Prada bag for $60! I’ve always wanted a proper designer bag, but who can afford them? I normally don’t even shell out anywhere near $60 for a purse, but its Prada, so I splurged using the excuse that my birthday is coming up.

We went home after that and I took a nap before starting work. Work is actually the calmest time of my day!


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